Toronto and the GTA have gone through several lockdowns and shifts in restrictions over the first year of the pandemic. In many municipalities, access to previously normal activities became limited or unavailable as the government implemented measures such as lockdowns, closures, social distancing, and mandatory mask-wearing in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Residents are forced to continuously adjust to frequent changes that impacted activities in their daily lives, from grocery shopping to attending school or work. Keep scrolling to see what city life looks like under covid restrictions!

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A Laugh A Day

@yukyukscomedy - Comedy Under the Star along with a punchline #signaturecocktail. Yuk Yuk is opening back up and who doesn't need a laugh.

By: @reddressmedia

Date: August, 2, 2020

Location: The Guild Inn Estate, Toronto, Ontario

Andre Kan Project: Pin Cushion// Stay Afloat at Clinton's Bar in Korea Town Toronto

@andrekan_ and @radhavibes creating new @start_streetartoronto #mural at @clintonsbartoronto.

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: November, 12, 2020

Location: Clintons, Toronto, Ontario

Be Rad

I ate a gingerbread ice cream sandwich with my kid. She is smart and kind. Basically my life is rad." 


By Shazia Wall 

Date: Aug, 30, 2020 

Location: Dairee Delite, Brantford, Ontario  

Being a Student During COVID-19

3/4 of us back to school today. One for the books!!

By: Denise Nicholson - @denisenick1970

Date: Sept, 10, 2020

Location: Markham, Ontario

Bike Chase

Chasing the morning sun ☀️ with these guys!!

By: @Vball72

Date: September, 4, 2020

Location: Lesile Spit (Tommy Thompson Park), Ontario

Canoing in Kawartha

Trading in my 2 wheels for a paddle and a canoe ... only for a day ... love the changing of seasons #cyclistlife #canoeing #torontocycling #ontarioyourstodiscover ... daughters first canoe trip!!

By: @Vball72

Date: September, 24, 2020

Location: Mountain Lake, Ontario

Car Tour of The Metro Zoo

First of many adventures! My little girl loved the zoo was so excited. The Toronto Zoo - Scenic Safari.

By: @Vball72

Date: June, 1, 2021

Location: Scarborough Zoo, Ontario

Cherry Beach in The Morning

Beautiful morning!

By: @Vball72

Date: September, 4, 2020

Location: Cherry Beach, Ontario

Common Area Restricted

Oh well. #covidbenches.

By: Lin Fang

Date: Dec, 14, 2020

Location: Annex, Toronto

Entering The Empty Toronto Pearson Terminal 3

Looking for #information at #pearsonpov.


#torontopearson #toronto #mississauga #canada - what you did not notice when you were #travelling.

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: Aug, 14, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Essential Workers Keeping Ottawa Transportation Safe

Even with the inconsistent changes to the rules and regulation every two weeks. Public transportation is a place of transmission, as it a bit difficult to social distance, especially during peak hour.


Regular safety measures being completed by essential workers at the #line1 train station in the captial! Thank you to all the essential worker keeping the hectic public transportation safe for people to use!

By: Khaosara Animashaun

Date: April, 6, 2021

Location: Tunney Station, Ontario

Getting The Mask on a Rainy Day

Putting on #themask



@chezmallo @explorebloorannex #toronto #canada - gratitude for all the cheering today - joined a #workweekhustle with #momhalo - my feet are a little sore as I walked over 24000 steps today. Just one of those days that I wander around the city of Toronto from Davenport to Yorkville taking a lot of #torontophotography while I did a #photowalk. Of course I had to stop at this #torontocoffee shop for a drink on the way back. I am just a little cold now.

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: December, 14, 2020

Location: Tunney Station, Ontario

How I Spend my Time During The Pandemic

Most of you know my day is usually spent on the bike, but I wasn't always a fan of riding on two wheels. In fact as a kid, when I was learning how to ride I had a terrible experience I would never forget. I was scarred physically and mentally.

Many years later I would overcome this fear and was feeling happier than ever when I got back on a bike. I became more social and outgoing. I look back now and think of what I went through was sort of a blessing in disguise. It made me stronger; overcoming not only my past experience but also becoming a social person and hopefully motivational to others.

By: Raxel

Date: November, 23, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Vaccinations And Essential Work

Many of you know I am back to school and working as a crisis worker in the emergency department. Today, I recieved my Pfizer Covid vaccination. As a past employee of Pfizer, and an essential worker, I could not be more proud and relieved to receive this today.

By: Denise

Date: January, 9, 2021

Location: Ray Twinney Complex, Newmarket

Mother And Daughter Dream

Feeling Blessed and Grateful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are @mapleviewcentre this weekend - Dec 11, 12, 13! Come and visit! Thanks @themommarket_ for getting us such an amazing space!

Thank you for being an important part of our journey; your inspiration, support, and encouragement.

Our mission is to provide you with experiences that evoke positive and memorable emotions. We will continue to listen to you and make available the inventory that you want while holding true to our mission of providing you eco-friendly home-decor and self-care essentials of exceptional quality.

By: Jennifer & Coco. 

Date: Dec, 17, 2020

Location: Aldershot, Burlington

Local Business- Pampered Post

“Here I am packing my subscription boxes! I'm excited to be part of so many self-care journeys.

COVID turned our daily lives upside down, but it's incredible to see so many people prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing.”

01 / 03

Packing self-care goodies for subscribers!

Packing self-care goodies for subscribers!

Playgrounds Reopen

First visit to the playground in months! Playgrounds opened on Friday in Toronto, and we ran there screaming!

By: Sarvie Kermanshahi

Date: August, 1st, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Photograph of Kid Photographer

@takethettc on #queensteast in @leslievillebia looking for #rainbow chairs to take #torontophoto - #capturethemoment



#toronto #canada - I think I am going to have to look at some of the photos today as the #torontokid may have taken some good ones!!

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: October, 3, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Reflection of #torontokid in Yellow 

Seeing #reflection after a long walk from #christiepits to #towaterfront.

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: November, 14, 2020

Location: Spadina Station, Ontario

Regent Park

These were taken in October... before the second lockdown.

By: This is Regent Park 

Date: October 2020

Location: Regent Park, Toronto

Scooter crossing the S of Black Lives Matter Graffiti in Kensington Market

#scooter crosses the S in #blacklivesmatter of the #blmmuralto in #kensingtonmarket



@kensingtonmarketbia has along with @jacquiecomrie and @sukoon2fly some great video and drone footage of the event - please check it out.


By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: July, 2, 2020 

Location: Kensington Market, Ontario  

Summer Hikes

Even amidst the pandemic, it is always important to take a self-care day to focus on yourself and your mental health. For my self-care activity, I went hiking!

By: Charlton Sinclair

Date: September, 9, 2021

Location: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, Ontario

Time with Toronto Kid

#tired on #ttc... #line2 #toronto #canada - too much walking - walked from the Underpass Park to walk over Evergreen Brickworks.

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: Oct,11,2020

Location: TTC Subway - Line 2, Toronto

Waiting for Mom's Tea at 135 Ossington

Waiting for my #hojicha tea @135ossington - my #torontokid is being entertained by the staff who are awesome!!

By: Kimberley Simmons @canadiankas_photos

Date: January, 10, 2021

Location: Ossington Strip, Ontario

Walking by Tiffany's 

#redmask walks by the #christmasdecor @tiffanyandcocanada



@blooryorkville #toronto #canada - love the new #seatingarea in #yorkville - I sat here taking #torontophotography as I loved the #christmastrees in front of @tiffanyandco

By Kimberley Simmons

Date: November, 24, 2020

Location: Bloor Yorkville, Toronto

Walk in, Strut Out

Walking out from THE TEN SPOT + feeling like a 10/10 

By: The Ten Spot Yonge and Lawrence

Date: Oct,9, 2020

Location: Yonge and Lawrence, Toronto


If you are taking part of #toronto #ActiveTO near #beachskatepark - take a #walkto along #wallnoize



@wallnoize #thebeaches #canada - various #artists and #torontoartists have created beautifulr #torontoart within an easy walk of #woodbinebeach off Coxwell and Eastern.

By: Kimberley Simmons

Date: September, 26, 2020

Location: Beach Skateboard Park, Ontario

Who were those fast cyclist? Mask, dash,and go

Who were those masked men? #newnormal2020 #masks ... thanks @grrlonwheels for the photo!

By: Vball72

Date: September, 4, 2020

Location: Bodira Cafe & Fine Foods, Toronto

Repurposed- Benches as decoration

Benches are now seen as extras in common areas!

By: Lin Fang

Date: September, 4, 2020

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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